Yes...we have plans...and dreams as ever ... :o)

... In order to dream you get still be aslep...

Nirvana as a baby :o)

We will rarely talk about our plans before they are  a reality!


Plans & Goals

Our lovely boy Nirvana as a baby

I aim to breed healthy, sound, social and typed tradidional Siberian kittens with lovely temperament. To us a good Siberian may come in any traditional colour.

We does not breed NEM

 We do not mix Siberians with NEM, and do not sell cats  for this purpose. But of course we still sell SIB to breeders who also have other breeds, (also NEM). As long as they wil not use our kittens for mixing breeds.

My breeding cats are all screened regulary for HCM

We expect the same from anyone we cooperate with, and who will buy breeding cats from us.

Our kittens

All our kittens leave us at the minimum age of twelve weeks or older.
  They are vaccinated, wormed, vet examined. Everyone has a microchip.

All kittens come with a purchase contract.
We expect that the buyers keep us updated on your cat's development, show results, any illnesses, deaths, etc. Would also like information about its future offspring.
We want updates from anyone buying kittens from us, also pet owners all information about your cat's life and health. If the cat must be replaced, we will be informed.
KulOur kittens remains "our kids" and we would like to know how they are doing in life!

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