About the "CarilloCat family"

Kari and SC DK* Need Fur Nirvana, DVM,DM My very first Best In Show winner

Owner of The CarilloCat Siberians is Kari Granaas Hansen:

 I live in a small village called Spydeberg >> ca.50 km. from Oslo, and about the same distance from the Swedish border. 

We have been living here since 1985, when we moved from a small town called Kirkenes, in the north of Norway.
I lives on the countryside with a lot of room for our four footed friends.
I have been breeding dogs under the kennelname Carillo for more than 30 yrs, and I'm also a judge on dog shows >>

I have always loved all animals, cats as well. But due to a cat allergic family member, we could not have cats before we found the lovely Siberian cat!
Who is known to bee "non-allergic" for so many people!  Now the Siberians is an important part of Our Family!

DSC_3670.jpg picture by Carillo_01 

Our home and kennel February 2009. We have a LOT of SNOW...

My aim is to breed healthy and pleasant temperament dogs and cats Who are well up to the breeds’ standard. Health, temperament, and type is very important when we choose the parents for the next generation.  Our breeding stock is winning very well at shows as well.

We breed them first and foremost to please our self, but we do also hope that our dogs and cats will please the ones who meet, ore lives with them. 

Read more about us here:

About us

Right:  Supreme champion Rossity Stepan DVM
He  comes from Russia With LOVE
 My BIG pride an joy!


In the catyard ,pictures of two lovely boys ->

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